Home Food Vacuum Sealer Automatic One Touch Easy to use and Best quality

Home Food Vacuum Sealer  Automatic One Touch Easy to use and Best quality

Model No.︰DZ320

Brand Name︰Hover

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰50 pc

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Product Description

New Household commercial vacuum sealer,fruit packing machine


commercial vacuum sealer
Technical parameters

Power supply:230V / 50Hz

Dimension:38(L) X 15(D) X 15(H) cm

Weight: 1.7 KG

Vacuum value:(60cm/Hg) - 0,8 bar


commercial vacuum sealer

Main Features

1, Pump that provides a greater vacuum level (60cm/Hg) - 0,8 bar

2, Two vacuum sealing alternatives

  1) Completamente Fully automatic e ultracompatta

  2) Manual sealing option for fragile foods.

3, Vaccum chamber with patented liqid-proof tray.

4, Liquid-prooftray washable in dishwasher.

5, Hose and cable compartment.

6, With inner cutter.


commercial vacuum sealer

This household vacuum sealer is a good assistant of the housewives.

It is a machine that is compact, portable in size and convenient to use.

With the packaging machine can produce, food can be kept fresh for a

prolonged time in storage at normal temperature.


commercial vacuum sealer can be used to store a wide variety of goods and foods such as medicines,electronic components, video and audio products, camera equipment, jewelry, paintings, fresh dried fruit, tea and spices, meats and vegetables. After vacuum packing, these things can be kept fresh and clean for an extended period of time and be kept from moistening, rusting, oxidizing and from spoiling. This machine also can be used on network of trading establishments, medical treatment agency, restaurant and hotel.

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