Dead Weight Tester Grade II standard

Dead Weight Tester Grade II standard

Model No.︰XY Series

Brand Name︰XY

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

  deadweight tester (DWT) is a calibration standard which uses a piston cylinder on which a load is placed to make an equilibrium with an applied pressure underneath the piston. Deadweight testers are so called primary standards which means that the pressure measured by a deadweight tester is defined through other quantities; length, mass and time. Typically deadweight testers are used in calibration laboratories to calibrate pressure transfer standards like electronic pressure measuring devices.



Measuring Range

XY 0.6



XY 6






XY 60



XY 100


1-100Mpa or 2-100Mpa

Accuracy:  0.05%  ; 0.02%  ;  0.015% ; 0.01%


    Wide range.

    When the lower pressure is 1Mpa, the basic errors of XY6,XY60,and XY100 type dead weight tester are 0.05%.Therefore a XY100 type dead weight tester can substitute for three domestic dead weight tester with respective upper pressure 6Mpa, 60Mpa and 100Mpa.

    Piston and piston cylinder are made from WC hard metal alloy with high strength, high hardness and low linear expansion coefficient of temperature. Hence through calculating, the distortion error of piston system under pressing can be ignored. Even though the ambient temperature is widen to 20±5, the properties of piston gauge is still stabile.

    Because a precision furbishing process is used for the working piston and piston cylinder, the cylindricity and the gap between piston and piston cylinder are very small. Therefore giving up using castor oil with viscosity 900-11—mm2/s as pressure medium, instead using Di-(2-ethylhexyl)sebacate, which has excessively low viscosity 20-25mm2/s and is appointed as the medium in the international pressure comparison, ensure that piston gauge have the most sensitivity.

    The working position of piston is monitored by displacement sensor, which makes piston gauge more sensitive and accurate.

    Low gravity center of loads , piston rotating steadily and pressure fluctuating obscurely too much.

    Novel seal structure and excellent properties.

    Pump, pressure regulator , valve and pipe can be used conveniently because of reliability, portability and perfection.